12 Week Transformation

12 Week Transformation

12 Weeks to change your body! Are you up for the challenge? Here at Pure FItness Shoreditch we have put together a fantastic package to help you get into tremendous shape, irrespective of your current fitness level.


Fully bespoke training that is geared towards fat loss and lean muscle gains for men and women to give a more athletic look for men and a leaner, more toned look for women. The end result being improved lung function, reduced body fat, improved muscle definition, increased functional strength and mobility.

12 Week Transformation Analysis

  • Free Consultation – Understanding you and your current levels of fitness and composition are the grassroots for deciding what our goals will be. This is a joint effort, so we both need to be in agreement.
  • Weeks 1-2 is our break in phase. You will be making adjustments to your diet, cutting out as many items that we deem necessary to set you on the right course and also to get you used to training 3x per week using full body routines.
  • Weeks 2-4 the body gets settled into its new diet and training routine. There should be improvements in composition, and at the 12 session marker we will take new composition readings, front, side and rear pictures for comparison to gauge our progress.
  • Weeks 4-6 Takes us towards the halfway mark. Hopefully things will be going well nutritionally and training wise minus the odd blip, so you should expect to see increased physical strength, faster respiratory recovery, and crucially you will have reduced body fat, making for a leaner, more cut figure. Clothes should start to feel looser and in the mirror you will notice your body changing shape.
  • Weeks 6-8 we are well on the way to forming life long habits with diet, workout ethic and understanding what it takes to eat correctly to allow us to sustain a healthy body long after the training program has finished. Pulling back on our macros from the 6 week mark, and by week 8 we will re-test for composition and lung function and take further readings.
  • Two week countdown!. Workout intensity will be at all time high, pushing for new PBs in the gym. You will notice huge improvements in your physique, leaner, more definition and increased energy levels to smash those training sessions!
  • Final week! 12 Weeks after starting this journey, we will look back at our original data, and pre transformation pictures and then take your final readings! Congratulations on 12 weeks of hard work and dedication!
  • Post Training: Now you’ve taken on the challenge of a transformation, you know what it’s all about. What’s next? Well you may decide that you now have the taste for fitness and training and that you would like to start again, but with new goals and objectives to fuel the fire within! We say, bring it on!
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I have recently joined Pure Fitness Shoreditch and am thoroughly enjoying the range of tailored workouts that take on board a lower back injury that I have acquired from triathlon training. Geoff has worked with my Physio to incorporate lower impact cardio and strengthening exercises and each week I am feeling leaner and stronger - plus more motivated to go to the gym as it is 10 minutes away from my job in the city. *Resuts may vary from person to person depending on effort put into program.

Fay Djemil - Consultant

As a 51 year old keeping fit and looking good is more important to me than ever. I have worked with Geoff for a few years and he keeps me motivated and engaged through both cardio and weight programmes and now we are looking at ensuring a full nutrition programme. I struggle with balancing time and Geoff ensures that training meets my needs within a very busy schedule. I would strongly recommend Geoff. *Resuts may vary from person to person depending on effort put into program

Stephen Whitehead CEO

Pure Fitness Shoreditch... PURE RESULTS! The perfect introduction to working out with a personal trainer. Geoff listened to what I wanted to achieve and designed a programme of cardio and strength training that helped me lose 12 kgs in 6 months. Would recommend to anyone looking to get into shape! *Resuts may vary from person to person depending on effort put into program

Andrew Bottonley

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