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Pure Fitness Shoreditch, is a private training facility based in the heart of Shoreditch and Hoxton in fashionable East London. Since the studio opened in 2013, we have been recognised for our ability to achieve fantastic results and have twice been nominated and placed second as one of London’s “Best Fitness Facilities” to train in as voted for at the London Lifestyle Awards.


Pure Fitness Shoreditch has created a 360 approach to training with bespoke programmes that include all areas of fitness to lead a functional and healthy lifestyle.


On a nutritional level, by analysing your macro intake and activity levels, we are then able to pair that with a bespoke training plan to include both cardiovascular and strength training. This yields an improved metabolic rate, increasing your fat burn potential.

At the core of our beliefs, we want all clients to make progress that don’t have a short life span, but for you to be able to sustain the development for future years. Yo yo dieting and ill advised training routines are out. What is IN, is a methodical approach to you and your goals. We want to understand a little bit about what makes you tick, what your fears/understandings are towards training and nutrition and to build a solid plan together that is going to give you the best results!


Following an initial and FREE consultation with your Pure Fitness trainer, they will take some measurements and give you a health check, head to toe. This sets out our starting point and makes all progress identifiable as we progress. Your trainer will then devise a bespoke fitness package to be built around you and your goals.


Start from scratch


Decide what you want


Build a perfect plan


Work hard be patient


Grab your award!

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I have recently joined Pure Fitness Shoreditch and am thoroughly enjoying the range of tailored workouts that take on board a lower back injury that I have acquired from triathlon training. Geoff has worked with my Physio to incorporate lower impact cardio and strengthening exercises and each week I am feeling leaner and stronger - plus more motivated to go to the gym as it is 10 minutes away from my job in the city. *Resuts may vary from person to person depending on effort put into program.

Fay Djemil - Consultant

As a 51 year old keeping fit and looking good is more important to me than ever. I have worked with Geoff for a few years and he keeps me motivated and engaged through both cardio and weight programmes and now we are looking at ensuring a full nutrition programme. I struggle with balancing time and Geoff ensures that training meets my needs within a very busy schedule. I would strongly recommend Geoff. *Resuts may vary from person to person depending on effort put into program

Stephen Whitehead CEO

Pure Fitness Shoreditch... PURE RESULTS! The perfect introduction to working out with a personal trainer. Geoff listened to what I wanted to achieve and designed a programme of cardio and strength training that helped me lose 12 kgs in 6 months. Would recommend to anyone looking to get into shape! *Resuts may vary from person to person depending on effort put into program

Andrew Bottonley

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