Personal Training

Personal Training

If you have decided that Personal Training is the thing for you, you need to ensure that where you spend your money and the advice you get is correct. It’s a popular industry to work in, however there are many inexperienced PT’s out there. There is no truer saying that if you buy cheap you buy twice.


Rest assured though, that when you train at Pure Fitness Shoreditch, East London’s favourite training facility, you are dealing with experts in their field! With proven experience and testimonials on tap, we have many hundreds and thousands of hours coaching and transforming bodies of all ages, size and abilities. As a nominated facility and runner up in the London Lifestyle Awards Fitness category, we are among the best in London.


What works for one individual may not work for the other. When you sign up to Personal Training at Pure Fitness Shoreditch, you will receive bespoke programming, both in nutrition and physical training.


Dependant on goals (these are set out in the initial consultation phase) you and your trainer can create a program that could contain anything from fat loss, injury rehabilitation, hypertrophy (gaining muscle mass) or sport specific performance enhancement.


Working with one of our trainers, you will be expected to commit to the cause and show commitment to training and nutritional intake. All results we achieve are in cooperation with our clients, so if you put in the effort we are certain you will be happy with the results! You cannot out train a poor diet or infrequent training. As much as we like to be paid, if you hope that by attending a session is where your efforts end, I’m afraid that just won’t do!


We recommend to maximise your investment both monetarily and time wise to train around 3 times per week. Whilst we appreciate it isn’t cheap, it is an investment into your health and well being and as such shouldn’t be overlooked. A recognised indicator as to what training frequency means in terms of progress goes something like this.

  • 1x a week is the bare minimum and will have little impact on fitness levels if it’s the only form of activity
  • 2x a week is maintenance to slow progress.
  • 3x a week will yield good progress and in one month you should see noticeable gains in fitness, body fat levels and energy.*
  • 4x a week is for rapid transformation and following a nutritional plan could see bodyfat dropping within a Ten day period.*
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I have recently joined Pure Fitness Shoreditch and am thoroughly enjoying the range of tailored workouts that take on board a lower back injury that I have acquired from triathlon training. Geoff has worked with my Physio to incorporate lower impact cardio and strengthening exercises and each week I am feeling leaner and stronger - plus more motivated to go to the gym as it is 10 minutes away from my job in the city. *Resuts may vary from person to person depending on effort put into program.

Fay Djemil - Consultant

As a 51 year old keeping fit and looking good is more important to me than ever. I have worked with Geoff for a few years and he keeps me motivated and engaged through both cardio and weight programmes and now we are looking at ensuring a full nutrition programme. I struggle with balancing time and Geoff ensures that training meets my needs within a very busy schedule. I would strongly recommend Geoff. *Resuts may vary from person to person depending on effort put into program

Stephen Whitehead CEO

Pure Fitness Shoreditch... PURE RESULTS! The perfect introduction to working out with a personal trainer. Geoff listened to what I wanted to achieve and designed a programme of cardio and strength training that helped me lose 12 kgs in 6 months. Would recommend to anyone looking to get into shape! *Resuts may vary from person to person depending on effort put into program

Andrew Bottonley

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